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Our agency is 100% black woman managed and is one of the regions leading business development agencies for entrepreneurs in various sectors. We design a suite of bespoke offerings that not only addresses the capacity development of small and medium enterprises such as skills development, access to finance, and markets but furthermore, we work closely with enterprise and supplier development (ESD) departments of both corporate and government as well as multilateral organisations in their mission to positively impact small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The three pillars which make up our business are a true testament of our love for nurturing businesses from ground up, of course this doesn’t mean that larger entities have no space to do business with us as our business advisory and investment pillars through our expert consultants also acts as a vehicle to locate investment opportunities across the Southern Africa Region.


There’s a well known ancient African proverb that says, “If you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to go far go together”. It is again this belief that drives our team spirit & propels our efforts in wanting to develop not only our clients but our internal team as well. This very belief is apparent also in the partnerships we consistently seek out in order to achieve optimum results on shared visions. As part of the support offerings to our clients we also partner with various organisations in co-creating knowledge sharing platforms such as masterclasses and webinars open to our network of over 15, 000 SMEs the Southern Africa Region.

Our vision and intention as an organisation is to become one of the leading Pan African business development agencies for both entrepreneurs and entrepreneur stakeholders boasting a presence in all the regions on the African continent and abroad.


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