Although our agency works closely with both local and national governments we are a privately owned agency whose mandate is to development small and medium enterprises directly and through entrepreneurship stakeholder programmes.
Since our agency is not a subsidiary of any government department with an allocated annual budget, we do not offer any of our services pro-bono unless we’re working with a partner to co-design bespoke Community Social Investment (CSI) programme to which then we open an opportunity for potential recipients to apply.
Our agency works in partnership with various financiers from Purchase Order funders, small business loans, to investors and depending on the needs of the business approaching us for assistance, upon initial contact for further information, we can accurately guide.
Our agency is well equipped to offer virtual business advisory services from #datafree platforms designed for grassroots entrepreneurs to SMEs anywhere in the world where there’s internet connectivity.
Yes, although our primary focus in within the South African countries our agency is able and well equipped to deploy personnel to both identify and conduct due diligence of potential projects guided by the investors requirements.

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